Why Wait Until New Years To Get Fit?

“New Year, New You.” This time of year echoes with empty promises of changing at the turn of the New Year. If you're serious about your goals, why wait until New Years? What's the first thing you think of when you think of a New Year's Resolution? False hope? Broken promises? Why would you associate your goals with that? 

Each year people all around the world will start their fitness journey. That's exactly what happens, they all start and then the glory of the gym and the routine you've been doing since the 90s for the first two weeks of every new year begins to seem a little lackluster. We stop going after two weeks if we're lucky enough to make it that long because there are too many people and you're getting too busy. After all, it's Quarter 1, its the busiest quarter of all. We continue to pay for memberships even though we haven't been in they gym for weeks hoping that next week will "be the week" we continue our New Year's Resolution. It's how the "globo gyms" profit every year.

The primary expense, (aside from rent, electricity, etc.) at a "globo gym" is capital depreciation (the wear and tear of their equipment) and the staffing they have to pay to clean up and take care of the gym. Therefore, the less their clients use the equipment and use the gym the more money the "globo gym" makes. 

Don't fall into the "globo gym" trap and wait until New Years Day to sign up for a contract they'll lock you into. It's kind of hard to stick to your goals when they don't really want you in there using their equipment and making a mess. 

If you're tired of being locked into a contract at a gym you don't use (and frankly doesn't care about your attendance). And if you're tired of strolling around the gym hitting chest on Monday, back on Tuesday, looking down the whole time so you don't get roped into another conversation, or waiting for 15-minutes to use the leg press machine (because someone is curling in the squat rack), then make a change. 

In an age where community event attendance and participation and "community" as a whole are declining CrossFit boxes are flourishing. This is true for a few reasons:

  1. Because of their community
  2. Because of the effectiveness of CrossFit
  3. Because of the care of the coaches. 

The CrossFit community is like none other. They say it's the only sport where the loudest cheers are for last place. Most people on the outside looking in think their going to always be in last place. What they don't realize is that everyone in every CrossFit box has, at one point, for at least one (but generally more than one) workout, been in last place. Speaking as someone who has been in last place, there is nothing that feels better than a group of people supporting your goal to finish. Not only is it uplifting but its genuine. Everyone actually cares. 

The efficacy of CrossFit is seen regularly. I'm not going to jump into this much right now because all you have to do is go into any local box and ask about some of their transformations. The stories you will hear will blow your mind. I will tell you this if you're serious about change, CrossFit is for you (even if you don't like group training, most gyms - like ourselves - offer personal training). Let's put it this way, if you needed new plumbing in your house, do you hire someone or do it yourself? If you do it yourself, it's not going to be a great job and it's going to take forever, right? So, why is your health/fitness any different? It's our job to program for your goals and results. Leave your fitness in our hands, we're here for you. 

Unlike "globo gyms" CrossFit boxes do not profit on lack of attendance, because people that aren't coming don't stick with it. It might not be a $15 monthly membership, but whatever you pay for your monthly membership at a CrossFit box is worth it, because you'll use it. CrossFit box owners aren't in this to be marketers, there in this because they genuinely care. Trust me, ask any coach, they'd rather invest the time in their members and help them achieve their goals, than constantly have to find new clients to replace the ones that left because they didn't care. 

The last point that is so powerfully expressed in the following video and boxes around the world - you don't have to be fit to start. Any experience level is welcome. Just remember, at some point, everyone was new to CrossFit. It's your turn to be new to CrossFit too. 

So, change your resolution, and start today. Don't wait until New Years and get caught in the masses of empty promises. Go check out a gym today and get started. Feel free to sign up for your first day by clicking on the button below.


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