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At Atlantic Beach CrossFit, we’ll help you develop into the athlete you always dreamed of being—at the pace that’s best for you. How will we do it? With a large, super-clean box, plenty of brand-new equipment, the most supportive and knowledgeable coaches around (including a physical therapist) and a growing community.

We’re unique in our approach to bringing in new members like you, with an individual on-ramp minus the price-gouging, a 100% money-back guarantee, and coaches trained to take you well beyond your limits. Our spacious facility, complete with ample equipment that’s always ready for you, plus a highly engaged community, will pack tons of value into your membership.

Looking for a box like no other? For lifelong friendships and unwavering habits? Jump in and get started. We’ll be happy to show you around!

He who has health, has hope; and he who has hope, has everythingThomas Carlyle

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HydraFit’s, 4,000-square-foot facility is located in the heart of Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach. In fact, we’re just a half mile from the beach, with the indoor comfort of air conditioning and a huge pallet wood wall as a focal point for your fitness goals. Our level of coaching and programming can easily be adapted to fit new or experienced athletes, and you’ll always receive the extra attention needed to get better. We’re constantly adding new programs for athletes and work hard to foster a caring, yet competitive environment. We’ll even have an open gym session for athletes who prefer their own pace. Get an “awesome” workout with the friendliest people in town!




  • Challenging, supportive, rewarding. I’m doing things I never did before and finding my strength in the process. Loving my workouts!Lynne Gevara
  • I have a ways to go to hit my goal and that’s ok. My journey started out to get to a number that’s changed. Today my journey is about pushing myself to levels I never thought possible. I can lift over 50 and 60 pounds now, I have learned how to push my body beyond anything I’ve done in the past.April Mercer